How can I support Community Choice Energy?

Join Us!
Join Us!

How can I support efforts to provide customers the choice for renewable energy in San Jose, reduce my energy costs, and provide savings for the community?

  • We welcome your participation with our advocacy group, San Jose Community Energy (SJCE)!
  • We invite you to join the active extended network of community and business leaders in Silicon Valley that support Community Choice:
    Silicon Valley Friends of Community Choice
    To add your name, please contact us at the address above
  • We encourage you to voice your support by writing or emailing mayor Sam Liccardo and your district’s City Council Member.

Dear Council Member ___ and Mayor Liccardo,

I am writing to express my strong support for a Community Choice Energy program to serve San José electricity customers.

A new Community Choice program will provide businesses and residents with affordable clean energy at a much faster pace than any other way. Since reducing GHG emissions is the most urgent issue of our time it requires action at all levels, especially the local level.

I am proud to support San José Clean Energy’s stated goals:

Lower greenhouse gas emissions
Offer more renewable energy
Increase consumer choice
Deliver more local renewable projects and efficiency programs
Generate local economic benefits and jobs
Be cost competitive, including low income programs

I know the success of CCEs has been repeatedly demonstrated across California, in nearly every other city in the Bay Area, and I am confident that San José will be successful too.

Please vote in favor of a CCE program for San José, and reach out to your colleagues to support this important opportunity.

Your name
Your Address
Your District __

City Council Member Contact Information:

Specific City Council Member email addresses are found here:
Find your District:

To send emails to the full Council:  Mayor Sam LIccardo          Chappie Jones          Sergio Jimenez          Raul Peralez          Lan Diep          Magdalena Carrasco (Vice Mayor)          Dev Davis          Tam Nguyen          Sylvia Arenas          Donald Rocha       Johnny Khamis  Please forward your letter to the City Clerk, so it will become part of the public record, and be included in each Council Member’s meeting packet. The city clerk will remove your address and email information so it remains private.

Or you may mail letters to:

Mayor Sam Liccardo or Councilmember ___
200 East Santa Clara Street
18th Floor
San José, CA 95113